Network Services

Manage expenses and redundancy within our carrier neutral facilities.

All Africa Data Centres’ facilities are carrier neutral and offer a variety of high-quality network and service provider options through our Network Eco-System partners. In our facilities, you are just a cross-connect away from major internet exchanges, as well as hundreds of fibre providers, carriers and cloud providers. 

As you are not limited to one service provider, your business is able to manage costs effectively and support redundancy.

Cloud Services

Content Delivery

Create a greater experience with our CDN (Content Delivery Network). The CDN refers to a physically dispersed group of servers that work together to provide rapid delivery of internet content. This will allow your business to attract more customers with a faster more reliable website.

Specifically, entertainment, music and gaming websites that use lots of videos, images or large files can be slow to load. CDN services will assist with rapid page loading.

Other than improving performance CDN also reduces hardware investment as you use fewer servers to create redundancy and in addition enables you to absorb unanticipated load increases.


When data is exchanged directly through internet service providers instead of through the internet it is labeled as peering. Data can be exchanged in our facilities through public and private peering.

Reduce costs and improve network performance is achieved by participating in the rich peering ecosystem in our data centres. Peering helps networks reduce latency, improve security and provide greater control over your network traffic.

Africa Data Centres currently has internet exchange points in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kenya, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. Thanks to our partners JINX, CINX, KIXP, IXPN, and Asteriod we can provide a thriving marketplace and access to the largest peering exchanges in Africa. Customers are able to select from participating network providers to remote peer to others.

Data Centre

Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) technology links two or more data centres together over short, medium or long distances using high-speed packet-optical connectivity.

With a quick, consistent connection in place, physically separate data centres you are able to create a high performing network across Africa. This will enable your business to easily distribute resources and balance workloads.

Also, creating multiple or remote data centre operations will improve business continuity and put the data closer to your users.

Internet Connectivity

Africa Data Centres provide you with a choice of internet connectivity by means of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL), Fibre Internet and Satellite.

It is a fast and simple set-up with our structured cabling systems so that you can connect to our connectivity solutions.

IP Transit

Africa Data Centres enables IP Transit - a service where an Internet Service Provider (ISP) allows traffic to travel through their network to its destination.

Africa Data Centres has numerous leading Tier 1 internet providers within the facilities that form the backbone of the Internet. These IP Transit platforms offers wholesale internet services that are perfect for ISPs to offer to their customers more options and faster connectivity, optimal network performance, competitive pricing structures and flexibility.