Africa Data Centres

State-of-the-art, award-winning,
Tier III designed data centre facilities.

Choosing where to store your business-critical data is one of the most important decisions your company will make.

Africa Data Centres offers the perfect hosting location for African and international companies which need to protect their business-critical applications and data in Africa.

The build standard for
our facilities are world-class

Africa Data Centres are designed, built and operated to the highest standards demanded by today’s leading cloud providers, carriers and enterprises – providing your business with peace-of-mind, regardless of the scale of requirement.

Our facilities are purpose-built and entirely owned and operated by us. This means the physical and digital security of your data and transactional computer processing remain front-of-mind from the physical layer up.

The right place
for your data

Our data centres are located at Africa’s major regional business and trade hubs – Johannesburg, Nairobi, Cape Town, Harare and Kigali.

These locations are rapidly emerging as epicentres for public and private cloud hosting, attracting both multinationals and the largest African enterprises.

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edge services

We operate in a rapidly changing world where data growth is outstripping on-premises storage. Whether you’re the brightest start-up or the biggest corporation, the way you do business is changing.

As moving to cloud-based solutions becomes more commonplace, your choice of data centre partner will help lay the foundations for your business in the digital future.

Azure ExpressRoute

Access Azure directly by creating private connections between Azure Data Centres and infrastructure at your office or on your servers within our Data Centre. ExpressRoute connections bypass the public Internet and offer more reliability, lower latency, greater privacy and more security than typical cloud connections.

IX Connect

With Layer 2 extensions to directly connect and access the London (LINX), Johannesburg (JINX), Cape Town (CINX), or NAP Africa Internet Exchanges, Africa Data Centres are bringing African ISPs and their users closer to global content and applications with IX Connect. This removes the reliance on IP Transit providers peering links to these exchanges or requiring a physical presence at the exchange.

Data Centre Connect

Data Centre Connect allows you to connect to all the major Data Centres through high capacity links. Offering seamless integration and connectivity, links to other Data Centres are treated as if a customer is connecting within our Africa Data Centres, as though you’re dealing with one provider.

Direct access to Africa’s subsea cable systems

Africa Data Centres have connectivity to all sub-sea cables systems which land and serve South Africa and Kenya, enabling the ability for you to connect locally and internationally from our Data Centres.

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Africa Data Centres Johannesburg
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Africa Data Centres Nairobi
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Africa Data Centres Cape Town
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Africa Data Centres Harare
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Africa Data Centres Kigali
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