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Technology Service Providers of Kenya (TESPOK) is a professional, non-profit organization representing the interests of Technology service providers in Kenya. Established in 1999, the strength of the Association rests on its ability to be truly representative of the Kenyan industry as a whole.


“Enabler of ICT  growth and  development”


“The leading association of choice in peering services & steering ICT development”

Main Objectives:
1.To influence ICT policy and regulations by engaging government at the relevant levels.
2.To address challenges faced by Technology stakeholders and provide guidance on resolution mechanisms.
3.To provide a forum for exchange of ideas amongst industry stakeholders and development of white papers
4.To manage the Kenya Internet Exchange Point in line with internationally accepted best practices

Core Values:
The core values shared by Members of the Association and that have impacted on it’s growth are:
Member centricity and  brand visibility
Inclusivity and Empowerment

Current Initiatives include:
TESPOK is targeting educational institutions with a view to enable them provide courses, which teach the relevant skill sets required within the industry.

In order to address the lack of understanding of ICT based business TESPOK is playing a role in increasing capacity through seminars and preparation of white papers.

The Association is also involved in addressing issues of professional conduct and standards of service within the industry.

As a result the role and image of TESPOK has changed dramatically as a major Industry Association that is capable of providing leadership and guidance in matters more than simply Internet Access.

The strength of the association rests on its ability to be truly representative of the industry as a whole.

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