Current size
1500 square metres
Planned size
2000 square metres
Current total power
Planned total power

Located at Sameer Industrial Park, Nairobi, our data centre facility is the most connected in East Africa, and houses 2,000 square metres of secured space for data servers over four floors.

It offers access to carrier networks across Kenya and long distance fibre routes to Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia and Somalia, as well as diverse fibre routes to cable landing stations in Mombasa.

Our Nairobi facility was the first data centre in East Africa to hold a Tier III certification from the prestigious Uptime Institute.


Our Nairobi facility offers 2000 square metres of data centre floor space spread across 4 floors – each measuring 500 square metres.

Each floor space has represented a new phase of development at the facility. Following completion of the third phase of development in April 2018, the facility currently offers 1500 square metres of floor space. The final phase of development will see an additional 500 square metres opened in the basement floor.

Each floor space has been designed to take up to 160 racks with a power\rack density of 5kW.


Our Nairobi facility has been designed in compliance with Uptime Institute as a Tier III Data Centre with all critical systems as concurrently maintainable.

Mains Power

Mains Power is provided via two independent 66KV feeds from the local power utilities provider KPLC –Kenya Power and Lighting Company. The two feeds have sufficient power to meet future demands based on the data centre load and design to have average rack power consumption of 5kW

Backup Power

In the event of a complete utility failure, a redundant set of diesel driven generators support the data centre as demonstrated in the Generator Layout plan below. Continuous operation of the diesel generators is made possible through automatic fuel top-ups. The facility has approximately 60,000ℓ of diesel on site at any given time.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Battery-backed up UPS systems built from multiples of parallel redundant 500kVA UPS systems at the low voltage level (415V) provide uninterrupted, filtered power to the computer rooms. Each UPS is fully compliant with international standards regarding Voltage Frequency Independent (VFI) operation.

Cooling Systems

The air-conditioning system consists of multiple sets of DX-Units – Direct Expansion. The units are run in a full N+1 configuration. Each chiller unit is connected to two sources of power supply, with the total capacity providing complete redundancy and autonomy in the CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioner) capacity per floor.

The system maintains a constant ambient temperature of 22 +/- 2 °C, with a relative humidity of 40 to 60%. All parameters are continually monitored and recorded by the BMS.


The CCTV cameras monitor both the perimeter of the facility as well as all areas inside the facility. Particular attention was given to the placement of the CCTV cameras to monitor:

  • All entry and exit paths and/or doors
  • Every room inside the facility
  • Each individual row inside the computer room
  • Emergency exits

The CCTV cameras are connected to various independent DVR systems. Therefore, a failure in any one of the DRV systems will not cause a total blackout of security recording.


  • Uptime Tier III Design Certified
  • ISO 27001 Certified

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