Cross Connect

Cross Connects

Your business goals define your network connectivity requirements

Cross Connect

Our adaptable and scalable data centres give customers the choice and the foundation upon which they build their digital strategies and expand their businesses. Being carrier-neutral means, we are independent of any network, hardware or software vendor. Africa Data Centres has no affiliation to any partner, so we can draw a full range of connectivity providers into our facilities, giving our clients a real choice of providers who are all vying to offer the best performance, service and price.

This neutrality and flexibility are at the heart of our business. We believe in finding a solution for our clients that works for them, not the other way around. Our ability to interconnect between multiple carriers and cloud providers, ensures that our clients can compare offers, reduce costs while boosting performance and choose the providers that best meet their needs.

Our advanced fibre optic structured cabling system allows our customers easy connection to any network carrier, dark fibre operator, cloud provider or other organisation on our data centres. These connections are called cross connects.

At Africa Data Centres, all our clients’ data centre, networking and storage needs are met, from world-class data centre services, physical and virtual interconnections to always-on support, local and hyper-scale cloud, as well as the widest ecosystem of best-in-class IT suppliers, carriers, ISPs, peering points, Internet exchanges, content distribution networks and many more.