Africa Data Centres unveils its latest world-class data centre at their Midrand Campus in Johannesburg, South Africa

Africa Data Centres (, the only pan-African network of interconnected, carrier-and cloud-neutral data centres on the continent, has completed its new Johannesburg data centre, based in its Midrand Campus which is one of the largest in Africa. This state-of-the-art facility, designed with the latest global standards is the ideal location for technology companies and enterprises to secure IT infrastructure in an interconnected environment.

This ultra-modern facility continues to strengthen the leading position that Africa Data Centres has in the South African market.

The new hyperscale data centre is one of the continent’s most significant data centre deployments which alongside existing facilities across the Africa Continent further entrenches Africa Data Centres’ dominance on the Continent.

Commenting on the launch, CEO of Africa Data Centres, Stephane Duproz, said, “We are thrilled to be able to deliver to our existing and future customers the most modern data centre in Johannesburg. We are happy to be a partner in our customers’ growth by delivering capacity in this facility immediately. This investment demonstrates Africa Data Centres confidence in the South African economy and digital development”.

The new data centre is part of the company’s response to the demand for data centres as businesses across the continent accelerate their digital transformation journeys. The unveiling of the new facility comes amidst Africa Data Centres’ announcement of plans to build 10 additional data centres in new countries and to significantly expand its data centre footprint by more than twice its current capacity across Africa.

About Africa Data Centres

Africa Data Centres is your trusted partner for rapid and secure data centre services and interconnections across the African continent. 

Africa Data Centres is Africa’s largest network of interconnected, carrier and cloud-neutral data centre facilities. Bringing international experts to the pan-African market. We are your trusted partner for rapid and secure data centre services and interconnections across the African continent. Strategically located, our world-class facilities provide a home for all your business-critical data. Proudly African, we are dedicated to being the heart that beats your business. 

Africa Data Centres aim to unveil various business opportunities and to develop a strategic network of partnerships. This will further strengthen Africa Data Centres’ superiority in providing our customers with the highest standard of interconnected, carrier and cloud-neutral data centre facilities throughout Africa. 

Dynamic, sustainable growth

Africa Data Centres’ commitment to sustainable, stable, low-impact data centres is at the heart of its design. The new builds and extensions employ a water-free policy, where non-potable water is used for all cooling, and solar power is installed to limit reliance on the grid. Existing data centres have been fast-tracked for green technology upgrades, and the long-term goal is to migrate fully to renewable energy and become independent of the grid. 

Certain parts of the project have been built on-site, while others, like the critical plant room, were prefabricated off-site and integrated during construction. These modules, which are essential to operations, were built in factories abroad, where they could be thoroughly tested before being shipped to South Africa and plugged into the building.