Africa Data Centres announces peering subsidies

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Africa Data Centres has announced that it has partnered with INX-ZA, a division of the Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) of South Africa, which operates completely neutral, and community-run Internet exchange points in South Africa.

The partnership will deliver free peering from any of Africa Data Centres facilities to INX-ZA’s Johannesburg Internet Exchange (JINX), the oldest IXP in the country, and its Cape Town Internet Exchange (CINX).

Africa Data Centres will now subsidise the port and cross-connect fee for any customer collocating in their Africa Data Centres, to the JINX or CINX respectively.

According to Stephane Duproz, connecting to JINX and CINX enables carrier, ISPs and enterprises alike, to peer in a free, and simplified way. “Africa Data Centres’ customers will still deal with INX-ZA on a technical and community level, and we will be the catalyst that enables this”

He says customers will be able to apply to INX-ZA for ports in the usual way. “Africa Data Centres will cover the costs of ports and cross-connects but the customer will maintain the technical relationship with INX-ZA directly.”

Africa Data Centres currently hosts a JINX node in its Johannesburg Data Centre, and a CINX node in its Cape Town Data Centre.

“We have long supported INX-ZA and their model of community-run, distributed IXPs, by playing host to them in JNB and CPT”, explains Stephane Duproz, CEO of Africa Data Centres. “This next step is the logical one, in progressing that relationship”

“As a result of this initiative, Internet peering through JINX or CINX will be free for any Africa Data Centre customer in South Africa,” he adds.