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We are Africa’s first network of interconnected, carrier and cloud neutral data centre facilities, providing the foundations for your company’s digital transformation. Bringing global skills to local markets, we are your trusted partner for rapid and secure data centre services and interconnections across the African continent. Strategically located at major regional trade hubs, our world-class facilities provide a home for all your business-critical data and access to a hub of leading cloud providers, carriers and enterprises.

Proudly African, we are dedicated to driving digital innovation for the benefit of everybody. Be a part of the region’s fastest growing cloud ecosystem today.

Africa Data Centres senior management team
Stephane Duproz
Stephane Duproz

Stephane Duproz is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Africa Data Centres (ADC), where he oversees the commercial and operational development of our pan-African network of data centre facilities.

As well as growing ADC’s customer base of local and international cloud providers, carriers and enterprises, Stephane also manages the expansion of ADC’s network of data centres across the continent.

A highly experienced data centre professional, Stephane has worked for over 20 years in the sector, including over 14 years at TelecityGroup.

Stephane joined ADC from Global Switch, where he served as Group Director for Europe. During his time at TelecityGroup, Stephane was Managing Director of its French subsidiary, establishing the company as the most profitable data centre operator in the country.

Stephane has also served as Chairman of the Board for the European Data Centre Association (EUDCA), and acted as Vice President Member of the French Data Centre Association (CESIT).

Born and raised in Africa, Stephane is now based in France and is passionate about the role technology can play in transforming both society and economy.

Dan Kwach
Dan Kwach

Dan is general manager for our data centre in Nairobi, ensuring we meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, align to the latest market trends and adhere to the correct regulatory framework.

Dan has played an important role in the development of EADC, having served as project manager for the initial business case development, design and implementation of the data centre.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Information Technology, and is a member of the local IEEE Chapter with a number professional certifications in the fields of ICT, which includes being the only Accredited Tier Specialist by Uptime Institute in Kenya. Dan is married with three children and lives in Nairobi, where he enjoys opportunities to network, learn and share. Dan is well respected by his peers, and has recently been shortlisted for Data Centre Individual of the Year at the 2018 Data Centre Solutions (DCS) Awards.

Dr. Angus Hay
Dr. Angus Hay

Dr. Angus Hay is General Manager for our two facilities in Johannesburg and Cape Town, where he oversees commercial and operational development.

Dr. Hay joined Liquid Telecom in early 2017 as part of its acquisition of Neotel, and has since overseen major expansion projects at both data centres. He joined Neotel at its inception in 2006 and later became its chief technology officer. He has also served as chief technology officer for Transtel and was chair of the management committee of the West Africa Cable System (WACS) in 2012.

He is currently director of the Number Portability Company (NPC). Born and educated in Johannesburg, South Africa, Dr. Hay has BSc (Eng) Elec (1987) and a PhD in digital transmission (1998) from the University of the Witwatersrand

Katie Hill
Katie Hill

Katie Hill is Director of Power Management and Strategic Initiatives at Africa Data Centres (ADC).

Katie oversees two areas of our data centre business. Firstly, she is responsible for resiliency and reliability of power supply across our network of data centres, ensuring we meet customer demand and growth while at the same time optimising costs. This includes leading the migration to renewable energy sources at all our data centre facilities, and introducing new low carbon initiatives.

Secondly, Katie plays a more strategic role in the growth of the data centre business, helping to build relationships with key customers and supporting international business development.

Katie previously worked for nearly five years at Apple, where she led the tech giant’s Clean Energy Programme; an ambitious project that aims to transition Apple’s product manufacturing worldwide to renewable energy. She started her career at Apple procuring energy for Apple’s fast-growing global data centre network. She has worked for a range of global companies, including Acumen, McKinsey & Company, Generation Investments, Dalberg Global Advisors and the China Greentech Initiative.

Katie holds and Masters in Environmental Engineering, as well as an MBA.

Katie has been based in Nairobi, Kenya, since early 2018.

Xavier Matagne
Xavier Matagne

Xavier Matagne is Director of Group Development at Africa Data Centres (ADC), overseeing the strategic planning, construction and engineering of our data centre facilities.

Xavier plays a pivotal role in ensuring we keep pace with the growing demand for world-class data centre services across Africa, ensuring there is sufficient rack space to meet the current and future needs of our customers.

As well as leading the design and build of new data centre projects, Xavier also manages the expansions of our current data centre facilities – and most crucially, makes sure there is no disruption to service during refurbishment.

Xavier has over 10 years of experience in the data centre industry, joining ADC in 2018 from Equinix, where he led various development projects across the EMEA region for more than 8 years. He has also worked as a business analyst for Accenture.

Xavier holds a Masters in Electromechanical Engineering from the University of Liege as well as an Executive MBA from HEC Paris.

Maggy Maina
Maggy Maina

Maggy oversees all areas of sales and service delivery for our data centre in Nairobi, including customer relationships, marketing and sales performance as well as management of sales teams and channels.

With over 10 years of sales experience in both media and telecoms, Maggy joined the ADC team from Liquid Telecom Kenya in 2012. She recently played a key role in both the implementation and audit of our ISO 27001 Certification.

Married with three children, Maggy enjoys spending time with her family, shopping and networking.

Hlumelo Fungile
Hlumelo Fungile

Hlumelo Fungile is Sales Manager for Southern Africa, where he oversees sales and business development related to our data centre facilities in this region.

With over 10 years of sales experience in telecoms, Hlumelo joined Liquid Telecom in early 2017 as part of its acquisition of Neotel, and has since led sales engagement with global, cloud and internet companies. Hlumelo also currently serves as the Group Executive for Business Development (Internet and Cloud) at Liquid Telecom, where he engages with hyper-scale cloud operators in the US and China as they advance into the African market. He was awarded the Chairman’s award in 2017, the highest accolade available at Liquid Telecom.

Based in Johannesburg, Hlumelo is close to his family and enjoys travelling, sports and photography.